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Business Protection

Businesses are built on People – their most valuable asset.

The financial success of your business relies, more than anything, on the unique skills, drive and knowledge that you and your key people can bring. Losing key people, including yourself, could lead to a prolonged period of reduced income and ultimately threaten the future of the business. And unlike a photocopier, replacing a key member of the business may not be easy. So it makes sense to offer your business an insurance product which covers your key personnel and helps you plan for all eventualities.

Term Assurance and Critical Illness with Term Assurance can provide:

    • The cash to cover loss of earnings,
    • repay a loan or
    • buyout a co-owner when one of them dies or suffers a critical illness.

Our SME employee benefits package

Benefits for you:

    • Tax efficient – make nearly 50% tax savings – a tax deductible business expense and no National Insurance contributions. A tax efficient way of arranging life cover for your employees
    • A great employee benefit for small businesses – life cover and a healthy living rewards programme
    • More affordable cover – an upfront discount on the protection premium of between 5 – 20% for fixed term cover
    • You could receive up to £100 cashback each year depending on how much your employees engage.
    • Fitter, healthier, more engaged employees that take less time off and are more productive
    • Available to companies of all sizes on an individual basis
    • Help attract and retain the best people
    • Can be used as a ‘top-up’ to death in service benefit

Benefits for your employees:

    • Cash lump sum payment for terminal illness as well as death
    • Reward your employees with our healthy living rewards programme
    • Access to a range of discounts and rewards to encourage your employees to look after their health
    • Tax efficient – no National Insurance contributions
    • On payout, the cash lump sum is not subject to Income Tax or Inheritance Tax
    • It doesn’t count as a retirement benefit so won’t affect their Lifetime Allowance

Our Business Protection experience and the backing of reputable insurance companies supports us in assessing your business protection needs.
If you would like to find out more about how we can help you protect your business against the loss of its most vital assets, please contact us.
Smaller businesses are more likely to feel the strain of losing a key business member immediately

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